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Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a marvel of medieval architecture and a treasure trove of cultural heritage. Our helpful drivers look after your bags for you and make sure they are safe if you stop for food or to look at interesting places. Travelling between Kotor and Dubrovnik can be as cheap as UAH 820 if you opt for a Blue Line bus and as expensive as UAH 14,755 if you buy a Turkish Airlines flight ticket.

14 things to know before going to Dubrovnik – Lonely Planet Travel News

14 things to know before going to Dubrovnik.

Posted: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 13:29:44 GMT [source]

From the castle, you can view the Old City and the Bay of Kotor or the Boka Kotorska Bay. Since you’re already up there, might as well visit the Chapel of St. Ivan situated on top of the city walls. You will also pass the Church of Our Lady of Remedy and it’s a good vantage point for pictures. Just grab a map from the tourist centre and get set to explore the city that even after centuries and the number of foot traffic it receives each year, still holds its charm. The road conditions in both countries are good and the drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor will be an enthralling experience. There are a whole host of beautiful beaches around Kotor.

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There are often concrete pontoons dotted around – if not attached to a nearby house then you can swim from these. If you want to get a rough idea of how busy Kotor will be at what time then check out the cruise ship schedule. If there’s a couple of 3,000+ passenger ships in at same time it’s likely to be a bit busy in town until one departs. Cards are mostly accepted but expect occasionally to be asked to pay in cash. There are numerous ATM’s dotted around the city but take notice of their fees.

When travelling to the bus station have a few euros in cash for all the little charges that will add up taking the bus. Kotor bus station is around a five to ten minute walk away from the main gate into the old town. When you get off the bus you’re supposed to pay a €1 fee to leave the station. We did not see anyone being charged for this but did have to pay on the way back. Pay 50c to an attendant located by the entrance to use the facilities. There is a coach service from Dubrovnik that leaves several times per day.

These two old cities on the UNESCO list give you the opportunity to visit them at a very low price. In Kotor you have Venetian fortifications, fjords, architecture, culture, beaches, a lot of history. Also in Dubrovnik you have the beautiful walls of the Old Town, architecture, culture, beaches.

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If the destination is close to the airport, to catch a taxi on-site may be cheaper as Kiwitaxi operates on the single rate basis within the city area. Let us worry of transportation, you choose the right place and time, and we will be there to welcome you. Transportation from Kotor to Airport Podgorica & Dubrovnik and Tirana by bus is cheaper than taxi, but not always. Our fees are more than reasonable, and we are charging clients only when they arrive to desired address.

Map (route, distance and duration) may be different from the current state. You won’t have to search for Wi-Fi, open the app, enter the travel preferences and choose a car — everything you need has already been done. If you have not received the email with the confirmation, please contact our manager by email at
or in online chat. Minimum time of pre-order depends on the vehicle class.

Car rental prices vary from company to company but can be costly, especially if you intend to go one-way, as you’ll have to drop the car off at a different location. Since Montenegro isn’t an EU or Schengen state, all passengers must go through a border check. A police officer will enter the bus and collect your passports or ID cards. Once they have checked and cleared every passenger for travel, you’ll continue on.

Experience the beauty and charm of the Adriatic coast with our personalized transportation service, providing a private car transfer from Split, Croatia to Kotor, Montenegro. Our reliable and comfortable service caters to your individual needs, offering a selection of vehicles ranging from a standard sedan, MPV, luxury class, or a VAN. Usually to get from Kotor to Dubrovnik Airport you have options like, tram, bus, train, taxi, chaufferur (private taxi or private minivan), ride sharing or rent a car. The driver meets you with a sign at the airport
At the right time, the driver will be waiting for you on the spot.

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it – The Guardian

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it.

Posted: Sat, 29 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It’s definitely manageable and should be fine if you’re laid back. The bus is also the cheapest way to travel between Kotor and Dubrovnik – but will be stressful for some. I agree to occasionally receive travel stories, tips, guides and offers from As you cross the border into Montenegro, your journey leads you to the stunning Bay of Kotor, one of the most idyllic spots on the Adriatic coast.

If a pick-up place is a hotel, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby. After you make your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a voucher containing your booking number and all the details of your journey. We were very well welcomed, and the driver was very helpful when needed. Depending on your choice of transportation, the number of daily trips varies.

Payment is generally in cash (in euros) on arrival, but credit cards are admissible as well. Given that we are only here for one night we went for an apartment right in the centre. Our apartment is the building on the right with the two air conditioners on the wall. Less than a 5 minute walk to the old town gates down the hill. Better yet, only 2 minutes to the cable car which goes 400m up above the town.

It’s around a 20 minute taxi ride from Tivat airport to Kotor which will cost about €25. There is no bus that travels to or from Tivat Airport to Kotor. There are a few buses a day that go from Tivat bus station to Kotor for around €5. I’d recommend book a boat trip online rather than at the harbour. It can be a little hassly there and you may want to check out prices and reviews online. There are some large boats that hold 10 to 20+ people – or smaller speedboats with around 5 on board.

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Sometimes when walking around a corner, large trucks or buses will zoom past which is scary and a bit dangerous. When walking around a bend, stand and wait until you cannot hear any traffic taxi from kotor to dubrovnik approaching and quickly walk across. Walk on a grass verge wherever you possibly can around blind bends. Larger luggage such as big rucksacks or suitcases will need to be put in the hold.

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It is not as crowded as nearby cities such as Dubrovnik and should not spoil your trip. Cocktails will start from about €6 euro and a bottle of wine from the cheaper end of the menu is around €16. There are a mix of places to drink from local pubs to upmarket bars.

Ships leave from around 3pm so it will be significantly quieter after then. Take a look at what ships will be in port during your trip. To travel from Kotor to Dubrovnik the bus leaves from the main bus station. You have to have a paper ticket to board, a ticket on your phone will not be accepted. Tickets can be printed at the tourist information office just outside the main gate into Kotor.

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Would there be any benefit over the local buses in regards to time spent at the border perhaps? Minimum 10 minutes faster, because the Kiwitaxi driver knows your arrival time in advance and will be waiting for you in Kotor, at the appointed place. Choose the suitable transfer class and click “Book” to proceed to the booking. Located between mountains and the corner of the bay, charming Kotor falls perfectly in sync with its environment. Kotor’s medieval museums coexist perfectly with its urban nightlife.

You can choose the desired city, airport, train station, port, and hotel from the drop-down menu or enter the exact address of the place. Taxi from Kotor to Podorica Dubrovnik airport, Split, Sarande, Medjugorje, Sarajevo, Zabljak is just a small segment of our trustworthy service. We are performing in advance scheduled transportation from Kotor to Dubrovnik & Podgorica airport as well as to any resort in the region. Dispatch center is at your disposal 24h (English and local language) to receive transfer processed or to provide client with other necessary informations. Excellent service, was greeted with the name sign at the airport, very professional driver, spoke very good English…

Instead of telling you about all 10 churches, we have listed two churches we find most intriguing. If you are ready to take on this challenge, you need to set aside at least three hours. The best time to hike is in the morning when the sun is out. You will have to pay an entrance fee but you can avoid it if you go earlier, later, or during the off-season.

I recommend checking up on Google Maps and Tripadvisor for one that suits you. They are generally small pebble beaches and it’s perfectly safe to swim. Unfortunately there is often a lot of rubbish on the beaches. Outside of the high season beaches are very quiet and it was warm enough to swim in May. Beaches are generally free – there are some bars and restaurants with beaches where you’ll need to pay for a lounger.

Hire us for your sightseeing day-trip excursion by car. You can visit all the tourist attractions in Croatia with us. Sit back, relax, and let our experienced drivers take you where you need to go in comfort and style. With Taxi Online Croatia, you can easily book a premium door-to-door private transfer from Dubrovnik or Cilipi Airport to Kotor, Montenegro. We can provide all types of vehicles, to any destination matching our guest’s needs and requirements.

If you do not want to risk anything with journey to Albania from Kotor, please accept our proposal about departure time. Taxi price from Kotor to Tirana airport through Podgorica, or elsewhere in Albania is fixed amount which should be paid when you arrive to your target point. Taxi Kotor to airport Dubrovnik Podgorica Tirana online via website, or call/text us now at our hot line.

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