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Where are bus stops, in which directions buses driving? Is local taxi service available in Podgorica after midnight and at which price are transfers? This are the most common questions of many travelers. Only it is not the big taxi companies that do this, but individual drivers and small unknown companies. There are always a lot of such cars at the airports. There are exceptions, of course, for example, if right before your flight arrives, someone got to the airport in a normal taxi.

I have listed only the most-most popular destinations in the table. If you need to order a transfer to one of the small villages along the sea, this is also possible. What is great about Sany Taxi is their fast-response customer service via What’s App. If you order a cab via instant messanger, you will have the estimated price indicated in advance.

Also we are perfectly familiar with all cities in Montenegro and region, we can drive you anywhere you need. In crowded places, it may easily happen that someone else walks into your taxi, which would leave you waiting for no reason. But, when a driver knows your name, and you know a number of your taxi vehicle, then you are making sure that your reservation is definitely yours. You can take your laptop, camera and cell phone on a business trip.

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it – The Guardian

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it.

Posted: Sat, 29 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You can distinguish them by the fact that the cars are branded, they have a taxi number, etc. But any other driver has the right to set any tariff at all. It is important to understand that the prices are relevant for large taxi companies.

On the service you can check the prices for such trips, and if you don’t find something, you can always ask a question and check the cost with a specific carrier. What is also important, it is possible to find out and select a driver with knowledge of a certain language. Podgorica airport on the map- away from sea ​​coast, 1 to 2 hour drive to the resorts, there are many regular and year-round flights.

Go Montenegro

There is also business and Vip class, which is a much more expensive option and is also in great demand and is intended for business people. In addition, we have a minivan class that is designed for half-day and one-day trips as well as transfers for a larger number of passengers and tourists max 8. We have a variety of vehicles and a diverse modern fleet adapted to the needs of modern tourists who have very different and specific requirements. As a rule, they are wealthy and came to rest and not to strain themselves by calculating kilometers and time on the road. After all, the mood that this creates beautiful country and the euphoria from the state of rest is not conducive to constant control over this situation. In addition, it is customary to give “for tea” here, and this also amounts to approximately 5-10% of the declared amount.

Montenegro to elect president in tight race after year of deadlock – Reuters

Montenegro to elect president in tight race after year of deadlock.

Posted: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Our Complete Website Solution frees up the time, cost and technical expertise required to build and operate your own successful online travel business. If the flight was postponed for several hours or a day, write to the support of the website where you booked the transfer. You can only book when you are already 100% sure that you are flying to your destination. Let’s say you want to get from your hotel to the city center (Podgorica for example) and the ride is 5km.

Taxi transfer from Budva (Montenegro) to Split

Excursions all over Montenegro with perosnal ride, driver and guide. Perfect for those who enjoy to have everything under control and who doesn’t like fixed schedules. If you experience an unpleasant situation, you should immediately call the police on 112, or the city police (komunalna policija) on the phone numbers you can find online. We travel often and know how to organize a vacation easier and cheaper.

Therefore, do not be afraid that the hotel may be without exact address, it is better to check with the owner for identification signs around. Normal taxi service, you can write or call via Viber. The peculiarity of the work of the passenger transport service in the country is the issuance of a license, which is valid only in the region, region or region. This does not prohibit the movement of taxis with passengers across the state. But tourists and vacationers can book transport that works only in this area.

Organize your ride on time no matter what occasion is. Business or family trip, resort transfer, excursion, minivan and minibus shuttle, you can fully count on our support. The tourist coast of Montenegro is compact, many attractions and resorts can be reached quickly. To do this, use public transport, rent cars or book taxi services.

This taxi association in Montenegro is professional and accountable organization, backed by years of experience in the field of passenger transport. You only need to contact us, and we will responsibly arrange your cheap taxi from Podgorica city to the airport, or to other destination in Montenegro or abroad. All scheduled transfers in Montenegro are private, you will not share the vehicle with other tourists.

Euro Taxi

But there are many private traders who are trying by any means to take you for a double or even triple price in Montenegro. The driver met us at the airport, everything was good, we were offered free WiFi on our way too. We arrived quickly, without delay, and the car was comfortable. Special thanks to the driver for who waited taxi in montenegro for us at the airport for long time as our luggage was lost. You should try to avoid taking taxis on the street unless there is a clear sign that they are part of some of the established taxi company. TX car plates were introduced a couple of years ago, but it is still not a clear sign that you’ll get a fair service from them.

The problem children in the Montenegrin taxi landscape are without a doubt the unofficial taxi drivers that operate without any license and often without ethics and morals. Since they are not allowed to park at the airports directly, you will often find them standing further away. It’s hard to tell the difference at first sight between who is legit and who is not.

Taxi companies can obtain a permit only if they fulfill all prescribed requirements. These companies operate in a competitive market and are rarely responsible for unethical behavior. Taxi drivers in Montenegro do not have the best reputation.

How much does a transfer and taxi cost in Montenegro

You will not have to bargain with a driver or explain how to get to your hotel. The driver has all the information about your journey so you do not have to explain anything to them. The driver will meet you at the pick up location on time, help you with your luggage and arrange child seats if needed.

How and where to order an inexpensive transfer in Montenegro? Save some money on taxi

Many taxi companies operate around Podgorica; you can easily hail a cab off the street, head to a taxi rank or major tourist hub. Alternatively, you can book a taxi by calling one of the companies, sending a text or reserving via their website. Inside the vehicle of each registered taxi driver in Montenegro, there must be a clear price for both “start” and “per kilometer”. Otherwise, you are in the vehicle of an unregistered taxi driver and you risk paying more than you should. Also, for example, an unregistered taxi driver will often try to present as the one you called. Therefore, it is better to know the number of your taxi vehicle and wait for it.

Therefore, if you catch a taxi on the street, pay attention that the car is glued on all sides with a telephone and an advertisement for a taxi service. And it gets even bigger because Montenegro is sunny mediterranean country and the temperature on the thermometer rarely drops below 25 degrees for 8-10 months a year. Therefore, turning on the air conditioner is necessary for a comfortable ride, which as a result also increases gas mileage.

It became independent in 2006, therefore Montenegro is only at the beginning of developing tourism. We have a chance to see Turkic and Byzantine heritage here. Tourists can visit the mountain monasteries of Ostrog and Morača or The Cetinje Monastery. Worth visiting are Old Cities (fortresses, in fact) of Kotor, Herceg Novi and Budva, the beautiful closed island resort of Sveti Stefan, and Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro. The towns of Petrovac, Bar, and Sutomore will be perfectly suitable for those who prefer quiet holidays and beach resorts. If a pick-up place is a hotel, the driver will wait for you in the hotel lobby.

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