Taxi from Kotor to Ulcinj from EUR 92 Jul 2023

Choose any date and time from our Dubrovnik to Kotor timetable for taxi services. Taking a taxi to get from Dubrovnik to Kotor is taxis in kotor a quick and easy way to travel. With the popularity of Grab, Uber and other carpooling services, hiring a taxi seems unnecessary.

Moreover, if you arrive late at night or early in the morning you will have to find an alternative travel solution. Taking a registered taxi company is important as many fake taxis roam the streets. Official taxis are easy to recognise as they should have their company logo and number on the sides of their vehicle. Check our list of taxi companies that online booking for travelling from Dubrovnik to Kotor. Locally named the “tuktuk,” the rickshaw is used as a mean of transportation in most parts of Egypt.

Zuzalu: Shining City on the Black Mountain – News

Zuzalu: Shining City on the Black Mountain.

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If you choose to travel by this route, the itinerary is following. When you start with transportation from Kotor to Tirana airport – Albania first you will reach Budva, fabulous destination to visit. Next point is Sveti Stefan, magnificent Adriatic spot which will leave an indelible trace in your memory. Going through Rezevici and Petrovac you have the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful sandy beaches and enjoy the unique landscape.

Some difficulty arises
however when you need a taxi to come to your villa and you don’t have a street
address. Addresses in Montenegro are notoriously difficult, having neither
street names or house numbers in many places. Your best bet in this case is to
get the taxi to pick you up from a nearby restaurant, café or other landmark
where they’ll be able to find you easily. Our office is efficiently run by a team of highly experienced staff with the latest in computer technology to assist a smooth operation and to deal with your requests without delay. We track the arrival flights, giving you peace of mind that our driver will be waiting for you with the name-sign at the right time. Check out our Youtube Channel for more Montenegro walking tours, alongside walking tours and videos for lots of other destinations.

Top 10 destinations from Kotor by Taxi

The ‘Viber‘ instant messenger is very popular along with ‘What’s App‘. Let’s find out if that is a one-sided view or if there is weight behind this stereotype. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner for your territory and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a local travel partner and would like to find out more then click for more info about our Website Business Opportunity.

Renting a car is not necessarily if you are staying in Old Town Kotor, as the main streets are pedestrianized and the city is compact and walkable, no cars are allowed within the walls. There is not much need for a car unless you are staying in one of the towns located on the outskirts, however they also offer great public transportation options such as buses and taxis to connect to Kotor. If you plan to travel around Montenegro and other regions renting a car is a good idea. Go Montenegro is a professional airport transfer company that also offers limo and chauffeur services. A standard ride from the airport in Podgorica to the center of the city will cost 12€. Choose a safe and comfortable vehicle from our fleet and find great offers for taxi transfer from Kotor to Bus Station Makarska.

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it – The Guardian

Tim Dowling: I’m hoping the taxi driver has one of those signs with my name on it.

Posted: Sat, 29 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Should you still feel insecure, you can ask at the reception of your hotel or in a shop nearby. Montenegro taxis are only allowed to operate in the municipality where their companies are registered. Look out for a license plate starting with either ‘PG’ -should you arrive at the airport in Podgorica -or ‘TV’ arriving at the Tivat airport.


These companies operate in a competitive market and are rarely responsible for unethical behavior. By using our services you get gift vouchers and special discounts on various services provided by our partners. Kotor is also unique because it is the only town on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea to be located by name in historic and strategic maps. Old Kotor was built like a maze for protective purposes and it is very easy to get lost here.

Another very rewarding experience is walking around the city walls that surround Kotor’s Old Town. Walking tours are available in Old Town, Star Grad the epicenter of activity in Kotor filled with a wonderful atmosphere and interesting sights and facts. If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment complex it’s
generally easy to get a taxi to come pick you up.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business, serving both local residents and visitors from around the world. Taxi from Kotor to Tirana airport in Albania by our price is cheap transport service, and in our association it cost 190 euros. Cost of the voyage is fixed and valid twelve months during the year. You are not obliged to prepay any amount during reservation, all payment is when you get to the airport.

The problem children in the Montenegrin taxi landscape are without a doubt the unofficial taxi drivers that operate without any license and often without ethics and morals. Since they are not allowed to park at the airports directly, you will often find them standing further away. It’s hard to tell the difference at first sight between who is legit and who is not. To get the most accurate bus times, swing by the bus station near the old town. Locals often say to just purchase tickets at the station instead of online.

Taxi service in Montenegro,

Most taxi companies have a fleet of cars and drivers controlled by a centralized call-centre. When travelling by taxi, the Dubrovnik to Kotor travel time depends heavily on traffic conditions. Rickshaw Run teams are given the start and finish lines, but are otherwise unsupported and left to their own navigational choices in completing the approximately 2,300 km journey. An auto rickshaw is a motorized version of the pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw.

Facts about the taxi from Kotor to Ulcinj

It is generally rare to find in some affluent and newer parts of cities such as New Cairo and Heliopolis; and on highways due to police control and enforcement. We invite you to join us for a ride, experience the magic of Kotor Bay from a new perspective, and discover why we are the preferred water taxi service for locals and tourists alike. Since our inception, we have been committed to providing a unique, high-quality service that showcases the best of Montenegro’s coastal landscape.

Taxi from Kotor to Tirana

Our team will send you the details of the limousine or luxury vehicles that best suit your needs in the Kotor to Lovcen region as soon as possible. There are two transportation options from Podgorica airport to Kotor. You can take a taxi or a private transfer which takes 1 hour 45 minutes, or a public bus which takes around 2 hours; however, you must first make your way to the bus station in Podgorica city centre.

Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and memorable journey for all of our passengers. Walking around the charming town of Kotor is pleasurable and easy with a compact city center that is easy to navigate. There are plenty of attractions that can be reached easily on foot including historic sights, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Walking around is the best way to check out the charms of the city and the beautiful port and Bay of Kotor.

In addition to standard vehicles and vans, we can provide luxury Mercedes limousines (S Class), Mercedes VIP vans (Class V & Sprinter VIP) and Mercedes buses from transfer from Kotor to Bus Station Makarska. Undoubtedly more convenient than public transportation but predictably more expensive travelling from Kotor to Ulcinj by taxi transfer is a good choice if you wish to get to your destination with less hassle possible. There are taxi of different size, class, comfort level and price offering your charter door-to-door service to suit every taste and pocket. With an easy and straightforward online booking, it is a quick and smooth process. Book your taxi in advance to ensure you get your transport when you need it. Our Kotor to Lovcen limousine service operates in hourly periods or as point-to-point transfers.

You can keep our tour transfer buses hourly and with a driver, as well as for your point-to-point transfer needs to Kotor to Lovcen and the surrounding areas. Apart from Tesla Taxi, Red Taxi is in all likelihood the best overall taxi service in Podgorica. Their prices are competitive, their cars are well-maintained and clean. To save money, they also offer budget airport and intercity transfers. Vip Taxi Budva is probably the most upscale company with the best service.

Discover the best Things to Do with expert advice, travel tips, destination information and inspiration. You can find the official taxi ranks outside Podgorica airport’s arrival halls. The lowest charter taxi rate from Kotor to Ulcinj is provided by Monte Mare Travel. Please click on the link in the email sent to the email address you provided. If you have not received the letter, use the button “Resend the letter”. Taxi-Allo currently offers taxi rates out of 269 countries worldwide.

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