PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge: Complete Guide

In her leisure, she consumes web content and books in equal measure. The purpose of this process is to keep control over all internal and external communications related to your project. The project manager is responsible for managing stakeholder expectations and managing communications from internal and external stakeholders.

How respected is PMP?

PMP is a widely respected credential that many project managers earn to boost their resumes and credibility. To obtain PMP certification, you must pass a rigorous exam. But this test is just the last step on a much longer road to earning the PMP title.

We have gone through the PMBOK 7th Edition Exposure Draft, and PMI resources regarding PMBOK 7th changes and tried to detail what is changing in the new PMP certification PMBOK. With each passing day you are potentially losing a 16% increase in your salary. You can can look at my post on structure of PMP exam to understand the format of these questions.

Do Long-Term Strategic Plans Still Make Sense?

You also need to understand yourself, and how easy you find learning and understanding new material. If you are new to project management, a lot of that material can seem complex and difficult. For some, you may be able to assimilate all the knowledge in 120 to 180 hours. But for others, you may need 200 to 300 hours to fully understand and learn it all. Detailed research and study are required to analyze how much each aspect of your project will cost so that you can properly budget for other future projects. Each project has different costs depending on its size, duration, and complexity.

By putting in the effort to finish hands-on assignments and exercises, it will be easier to establish a solid foundation in Agile project management and prepare for the PMP exam. Taking the Project Management Professional test requires completing 35 contact hours of project management study. There is a wide range of prices for quality training, but it has the potential to become the most expensive component of your certification cost.

How long does it take to get a PMP certification?

That will still give you plenty of ideas and advice to plan your exam campaign. This domain covers the Technical aspects of project management (as does the Technical Project Management dimension of the Talent Triangle). It does not drop directly onto the PMBOK guide, but an inspection allows us to map relationships. You will typically be spending 2 to 3 hours each day reading, learning, and practicing exams.

So, the new PMP Certification will be a highly-regarded professional qualification, all over the world. It gives you a solid grounding in all the basics of project management, and a status that will often be reflected in your employability and salary expectations. Spandita is a dynamic content writer who holds a master’s degree in Forensics but loves to play with words and dabble in digital marketing. Being an avid travel blogger, she values engaging content that attracts, educates and inspires. With extensive experience in SEO tools and technologies, her writing interests are as varied as the articles themselves.

Why is Project Management Professional (PMP) certification important for better career growth?

You may apply for the test after being a member of PMI, or you can apply for the exam without becoming a member. Professionals skilled in project management are an absolute need in every sector. The demand is expressed in terms of the required levels of expertise, which might vary widely among sectors and locations. You can guarantee that the operations at your business will continue to be ahead of the curve if you provide incentives to your staff to follow the trends that the PMI has highlighted. RMC’s current materials are modeled on the existing ECO and are therefore relevant to the PMP® exam as it is structured today.

PMP Certification 2021 PMBOK 6 (Beginning) Lessons

Furthermore, becoming a PMI member will help you in networking among your peers and people across the region by attending local chapter programs and events. There is no single way to prepare for the PMP certification exam. You need to have a robust PMP Certification Study Plan to guide you for the preparation of the PMP certification exam.


One of the main prerequisites to appear for the PMP certification exam is to earn 35 contact hours or Professional Development Units (PDUs). PMBOK 6th Edition composes of 10 Knowledge areas and 5 process groups. To manage the project to success, you need to know the importance of 10 knowledge areas in PMBOK and rank the importance level of each knowledge area. And remaining 25 pretest questions will get dispersed throughout the domains.

  • You need to understand the significance of each domain in the role of project management professionals.
  • For now, do take a look at that guide – the Premium Edition is free, because it is no longer optimized for the current exam.
  • Earlier last date to take the current version of the PMP certification exam was 30th June 2020.
  • You will be required to pay a membership fee and joining fee of $129 per year and $10 per year, respectively, before becoming a member of the organization.

Please note that this refund policy only applies to the PM training course and NOT the exam simulator. Using this exam prep tool helps increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try. Most people find that shorter study sessions help them retain more information.

Comparing PMP with Other Qualifications

Project management is a crucial element to the success of any business endeavor. Regardless of the industry, project managers possess the skills and knowledge to assist their organization in effective and efficient project delivery. The Standards Plus™ interactive digital content platform will be linked to PMBOK 7th Edition via the Models, Methods, and Artifacts section. This platform will reflect “how to…” about current, emerging and future practices, methods, artifacts, and other useful information. Standards Plus aims to start with ITTOs from PMBOK Sixth Edition and incorporate new resources since the project management is evolving.

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