Perast Montenegró A Picture Perfect Gem on the Bay of Kotor

All in all, Kotor is not the best destination for digital nomad families with young children. However, it can still be a great place to visit if you’re prepared to do a bit of research and get creative with childcare solutions. It’s possible to make it work, but it may not be as straightforward here as in other destinations. Kotor’s climate is Mediterranean, which means it enjoys hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

From hiking to swimming and kayaking, there’s something for everyone. You do not need an international driver’s license to drive in Montenegro, as long as your license is valid in your home country. You do, however, need to be at least 21 years old in order to rent a car. You can easily rent a car from the airport or from a rental company in town. This gives you the freedom to explore the area at your own pace and see some of the nearby attractions, such as Perast and Budva. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied during your time in Kotor.

Nice minibus and the driver pointed out places of interest. We provide ground transportation solutions in Herceg Novi for private individuals, travel agencies, national & international organizations. Our fleet of modern vehicles and experienced chauffeurs can handle all your transportation needs.

Don’t carry too much cash and keep a close eye on your purse or wallet. I personally felt very safe here as a solo female traveler. Montenegro’s most lively city is Budva, about 30-minutes south of Kotor. It’s a popular spot, known for its sandy beaches and buzzing nightlife, with many open-air clubs along its seafront. North of Kotor, on the breathtaking Bay of Kotor, is peaceful Perast.

Living in Kotor

I haven’t taken a bus from here, plus, on-line information is limited, and reviews are not positive, so I cannot recommend it. I would personally stay the night in Mostar if you want to visit both or you have to cut on one of the places, hast to be Megjugorje or Mostar. Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans, with a population of about 600,000 people.

There are few social niceties here, and people will say what they think without trying to be polite. This can be a bit of a culture shock for visitors from more reserved countries, but it’s also refreshing in its honesty. If you’re looking for breathtaking views to inspire your work, then Kotor Bay is the place for you. The bay is still within walking distance of the Old Town, so you won’t be too far from all of the amenities. If you prefer to work from home, then Kotor is a great place to do it. There are plenty of furnished apartments and vacation rentals available, so finding somewhere to stay shouldn’t be too difficult.

Digital nomads should consider a comprehensive insurance policy that includes medical cover. This will give you peace of mind and means that you can get the treatment you need without worrying about the cost. There are relatively few permanent expats in Kotor, but you will find a small community of digital nomads. The introduction of the digital nomad visa may soon see Kotor explode in popularity, but for the moment, it’s still a relatively quiet and undiscovered destination. If you don’t want to drive, Kotor is well connected to many of the surrounding towns and villages by bus.

You can easily take a bus from Dubrovnik to Kotor or Budva, then navigate from there. Making Kotor even more charming, locals are still a big part of this city, with families out enjoying life in its many open-air cafes. Hi [VT member dafec],for what you want to visit you can not squeeze all in one day. Is not physical and time wise is a long drive and to go to Mostar only for an hour is waste of time and money. We offer transportation service up to 8 passengers with professional driver with knowledge of English.

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In terms of activities, Kotor is best suited to families with older children who can appreciate the history and culture of the Old Town. However, there are still plenty of beaches and restaurants where families can enjoy some quality time together. Many homes in Kotor do not have central heating, so if you’re visiting in winter, be sure to bring some warm clothes. Gas heaters, electric blankets, and hot water bottles are all common ways of keeping warm in Kotor. The food in Kotor is a delicious mix of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine. Fresh seafood is plentiful, thanks to Kotor’s location on the Adriatic coast, and you’ll find that most dishes are flavored with locally grown herbs and spices.

Tivat airport timetable

The receptionist may not however, so if you could ask your accommodation host to book you an appointment, that will be best. Just make sure you request an English speaking doctor… If you speak English. Which I’m assuming you do since you’ve gotten this far down the post! I am so clueless when it comes to tipping (we don’t tip in New Zealand) so I always make it a point to learn about a country’s tipping etiquette. We always tipped at least 10% because that’s what we felt comfortable with.

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Check for hidden cameras positioned over the keypad, scanners with tampered covers, and/or fake key pad covers. Really look at the machine before using it to see if something appears altered. If the machine keeps your card, try to get help to come to you, don’t leave it by walking away. Book at official ticket counters, with your hotel, or known organizations, never with someone you meet in the street. Check that guides or agencies have a legitimate on-line listing with reviews that look real.

Vip Star Taxi

Whether you want somewhere old-fashioned and charming or somewhere a little more modern, you can probably find it here. Meanwhile, the beautiful Ponta Cafe overlooks the water so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kotor while you work. If you’re a creative digital nomad looking for inspiration, there’s really nowhere better to find it than at Ponta. There is a public transport stop not far from the airport, but you should not flatter yourself about this, as it rarely goes there. It is located on the coast of Montenegro, so even on the runway you can see a small part of the sea, and, of course, incredible mountain scenery. Even experienced pilots single out the landing at the Tivat airport as the most beautiful and bewitching.


You’ll have a lot more negotiation power during this time since there are fewer tourists around. There are a few cafes and restaurants along the waterfront, but it’s not as lively as other areas of Kotor. However, the hustle and bustle of the Old Town is just a few minutes walk away. In terms of visas, citizens of most countries can enter Montenegro for up to 90 days without a visa. However, staying for a longer period can be a little bit tricky.

Tradition and culture of Kotor

Kotor offers digital nomads a relatively low cost of living, excellent internet speeds, and a growing community of like-minded individuals. The town is also situated close to some of Montenegro’s most stunning scenery, making it the perfect base for exploring the country. Kotor is a charming coastal town in Montenegro with medieval architecture, stunning scenery, and relaxed lifestyle. As far as digital nomad destinations go, Kotor is still relatively undiscovered, but that’s starting to change. Buses connect all cities in Montenegro and is the least expensive way to travel. For the location of the bus stations by city and ticket information, click here.

Airbnb is also another option with several listings located inside the Old Town. The police do routinely stop drivers to check breath alcohol levels, so it’s worth your while spending a few Euros on a taxi. Even if you have a rental car on holiday, taxis in Montenegro can be your best friend if you like to have a little tipple with dinner.

If you’re staying at a hotel, I believe the hotel collects the tax from you, so you don’t need to worry about going to the office yourself. There’s also more info over on the Montenegro Travel Service website. You can choose to not pay it at all, and don’t even go to the office. But if you go to leave the country and they ask you for the papers/receipt to show you paid the tax and you come up empty handed, you will get a hefty fine. We never got asked for it at the border crossing to Bosnia… But yeah, it’s up to you.

Montenegro is one of the Balkan countries, bordering Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and Serbia. The idyllic little old town of Kotor is found in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor, just next to Tivat. It has a small population of about 15,000 people and it was named a UNESCO World euro taxi kotor Heritage Site in 1979. Simply follow the main road along the coastline (northwest) until you reach it. Skolji  We ate dinner here on our first night in Montenegro. There are handful of restaurants scattered along the bay where you can duck in and grab some food & drinks.

This park has several well-marked hiking trails with spectacular views. Swank Sveti Stefan is a 5-star luxury resort, Aman Sveti Stefan, about 20-minutes south of Budva. Formerly an islet, it’s now connected to the mainland via a man-made isthmus. I spent €300 for my transfer, boats, and 1 night of lodging that required cash and some souvenirs. For other reasons, we had traffic when we passed the border into Montenegro and so we were delayed about an hour into Kotor.

People who know the Montenegrin language and come here not for the first time can easily negotiate with a taxi driver for Euros for a trip from Tivat to Budva. Drivers see inexperienced and slightly confused tourists and try to take from them as much as possible. The company claims that it’s trying to choose drivers that speak your language, or at least English. We don’t know whether it’s true or not, but many of the drivers we drove with really understood us very well. On time on our arrival and also for the pick up from our hotel.

During this time, you will struggle to negotiate rent prices due to the high level of demand and the limited number of places available. However, if you’re willing to pay a little extra, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and the lively atmosphere that comes with it. Although some of these groups cover the entire country of Montenegro rather than focusing on Kotor specifically, they may still be useful.

You can order a taxi, too – an estimated cost of the ride is from UAH 932 to UAH 3,971. I hope this post has helped you in some way for your trip to Kotor. This place really left a mark on me, and I hope it does for you too. Overall, everyone we came across in Kotor and in Montenegro in general, are very hospitable. They were keen to offer tips of where to go and were proud of their country’s beauty.

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