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Long product life cycles are ensured thanks to a minimised risk of contamination and corrosion. Targeted reconditioning of individual components makes the machine or system almost as good as new. The positive results include guaranteed compliance with current quality criteria and specifications as well as the certainty that all technology is now state of the art. Efficient production processes require sophisticated custom solutions,especially if the machines and plants concerned have been in use for several decades. The life cycle of equipment and plants is characterised by numerous modernisations, optimisations and adjustments. Ensuring compliance with new regulations, circumstances and framework conditions can often be a costly challenge.


More recently, new ways to communicate with each other, like the telephone, texting, and the internet, have allowed people to interact more without face-to-face interactions. Online dating became a way to meet new romantic partners, albeit it was stigmatized until the last decade. Now, with dating apps, people are able to use their smartphones and find a romantic partner in the comfort of their own bedroom without the need to have ever met in person. With the COVID pandemic, more people defaulted to video chats to interact with other individuals and further evolved the definition of dating to be digitally led. We believe Gen Z has also changed what love can look like; it is no longer one size fits all. Gen Z is more likely than any other generation to embrace gender fluidity, non-heterosexual relationships, and non-monogamy.

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Later, CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Mike Vogelzang chimes in to regroup on the uniqueness of this past year’s market environment and provide his team’s latest thoughts on the markets and economy, including interest rates, inflation, and taxes. Jeff provides an overview of what we can expect out of Washington in 2022—including a breakdown of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and what the Senate may cut from the House’s version of the Build Back Better Act. Jeff also shares a recap of where Congress is on mandatory year-end legislation—like increasing the debt ceiling, approving government funding, and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Later, Mike Webb discusses the differences between plan termination and mergers in Minute with Mike. With Jennifer and Scott, she discusses what millennials are most worried about when it comes to finance, and why saving for retirement should be a bigger priority.


Oftentimes, relationships can be born from similar interests like music, humor, food, etc. Giving users an outlet to express this with others can allow for more meaningful connections that will give a pathway for love to develop. For instance, our portfolio company, Sleeper, allows users to gather in an online community for their shared love of fantasy sports.

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The two recap our latest webinar on the topic, discuss recent plan design and employee benefit trends, and share key plan sponsor takeaways. On this month’s Revamping Retirement, Scott Matheson is joined by guest host Audrey Wheat, Manager of Vendor Analysis at CAPTRUST, along with Jon Atchison, senior lead of governance, risk, and compliance. In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness month, the trio discuss the need for retirement plan sponsors to understand and evaluate cybersecurity risks. Audrey and Jon break down the three-pronged 2021 Department of Labor cybersecurity guidance and share how plan sponsors have evolved their approaches as well as what still needs to be done. While many retirement plan sponsors struggle to engage participants, the PERS Expo has amassed a following among their employees, exceeding attendance expectations every year.

  • Inform your clients about the various processes involved in creating a remarkable presentation.
  • In some instances it can be difficult to understand why a change was instituted, and consumers may complain about having to deal with a new learning curve.
  • He also discusses how proposed legislation like the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021 (SECURE 2.0) could help move the dial for auto-features.
  • Listen as the team breaks down SECURE 2.0 Act, which passed at the end of 2022, including their favorite—and not so favorite—provisions of the legislation and potential benefits to participants.

Later, Sandy Blair, director of retirement readiness at the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), joins to discuss CalSTRS’ award-winning NRSM campaign. Sandy also shares some best practices on how plan sponsors can leverage their NRSM efforts to drive financial literacy throughout the year. Later, Jennifer and Scott share the key takeaways of the Securing a Strong Retirement Act (known as SECURE 2.0) and discuss what this and other proposed legislation could mean for retirement plan sponsors.

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Since its passage in December of 2019, it has readily been at the center of retirement plan dialogue. In episode 12 of accounting for a retail store Retirement, Mike Webb shares the major provisions and discusses the impact the Act may have on retirement plan sponsors and participants. The health savings account (HSA) has only been around since 2003, thanks to an amendment to the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. Despite the short time on the market, these accounts can make a huge impact on a participant’s retirement financial planning. Lindsay, Scott, and Jennifer dive into questions on topics like employer HSA contributions, utilizing a spouse’s HSA, and targeting amounts for healthcare needs in retirement.

This month, Katie Gatti Tassin of Morning Brew’s Money with Katie show joins CAPTRUST’s Jennifer Doss and Scott Matheson on Revamping Retirement. Tassin is known for her financial expertise focused on the millennial generation and covering topics from long-term savings and 401(k) contributions to personal finance goals and salary negotiations. Successful RETROFITTING depends on an on-site assessment and inventory by our experts. These findings are used to draw up a suitable, efficient and cost-saving action plan in order to optimize the update sequence and keep downtimes during the RETROFITTING as short as possible.

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Therefore, employ our Proposal For Revamping Business Slides PowerPoint Presentation Slides and put forth your excellent proposal that instantly catches your client’s attention. With the help of a neatly-designed cover, cite your services smartly and mention key deliverables. A well-crafted table of contents is provided in the presentation to help your customers locate the sections easily.

Elon Musk mulls revamping block function on Twitter – Washington Times

Elon Musk mulls revamping block function on Twitter.

Posted: Thu, 08 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

From a small-business perspective, where design budgets are likely tight, major revamps should be done only when there is a compelling reason for change that results in a tangible benefit for the company. The market volatility and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have many retirement plan investors concerned. In episode 14, Mike Webb shares some perspective on the recent market downturn and its impact on retirement plans. With more than 35 years of experience practicing employee benefits law, Bob Toth is an expert to the experts—particularly in the areas of 403(b) plans and annuity products. Bob also shares some of the new products being developed in the marketplace and explains why beer is essential to solving the annuity puzzle. Later, Mike Webb shares what plan sponsors need to know about pooled employer plans, or PEPs, in Minute with Mike.

Most importantly, it will help Gen Z users seek to find a partner or partners that share their same values around love and relationships. We believe Millennials broke down barriers to make online dating mainstream, but the industry has failed to adapt to Gen Z’s new ideas of love and relationships. For instance, a quarter of Gen Zers expect, at least once during their lifetime, to change their gender identity. At least 56% of Gen Z also know at least one person who uses a gender-neutral pronoun. In our view, these statistics show that if gender can be fluid and on a spectrum, relationships can be as well.

Inventories, simulation models, the generation of multiple variants and various studies all provide a sound basis for this. While you are in the process of revamping your wardrobe and you come across a piece you especially love, go ahead and get it. Obviously, it would be terribly financially irresponsible to just buy every cute pair of shoes or jeans you see with no consideration for the cost factor, but if you can get away with doing it once in a blue moon, we say do it. If you can’t quite pin down what your personal style is but you still want to start revamping your wardrobe, begin with the base of a minimalist wardrobe.

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