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You can book a taxi in Montenegro from Tivat Airport to Budva of any capacity – from a cheap Mini economy for 3 people to a 16-seater bus for a group transfer. Ziptransfers provides you, your family and group of friends with low-cost transfers from the airport to your final accommodation, resort, hotel, apartment or villa. Let us arrange a safe, reliable and hassle-free airport transfer for any group size and start your holidays smiling. We tell you how to get from Tivat airport to Budva and other resorts in Montenegro by taxi, bus and transfer. This map and route are for information purposes only, with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness.


Located 19 km north of the popular Montenegrin resort of Budva. Travelers arriving at this airport have several ways to get to their destination. You can stay in a dorm room for less than $15 USD while you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as $30-50 USD. There are so many to choose from depending on what type and how luxurious you want your stay to be starting from $80 USD. Let us worry of transportation, you choose the right place and time, and we will be there to welcome you.

First you need to leave the airport, walk to the E80 highway, then turn left towards Tivat, walk 500 meters along the side of the road and find a conditional stop. When you see a bus, wave your hand to stop it, otherwise it will pass by. If to Budva via Kotor, the trip will last for 1.5 hours (and in a straight line – 40 minutes). Also, the principal taxi stations in Budva are situated in Slovenska Obala, near the Jat Airways office, bus station Merkur, tourist complex Slovenska beach and hotel complex in Bečići.

And the fact that four out of eight bids for the construction of the boulevard came from Chinese companies testifies to the interest of Chinese companies in business in Montenegro. Montenegro has previously had a problematic experience of borrowing for projects carried out by Chinese companies, as was the case with the construction of a section of the highway. Tivat (TIV) is located 16 km from the city centre
and getting to Budva typically takes around 25 min. The recommended transport option is the Bus
by Bozur
which for €10.00
can bring you to Budva. Reaching in particular Budva is pretty convenient by taking the Bozur
which can bring you directly there from the airport. Tivat is a coastal town in southwest Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor.

The layout of the town is roughly orthogonal, although many streets deviate from the grid, resulting in somewhat irregular pattern, with many piazzas connected with narrow streets. Today, the entire city within the walls is pedestrian-only. The fortifications of Budva are typical of the Medieval walled cities of the Adriatic, complete with towers, embrasures, fortified city gates and a citadel. Upon your arrival at Tivat Airport (TIV) Airport, the How2Transfer Driver will open the car doors to let you down. He will take care immediately after unloading your baggage and will greet you kindly. The Driver will make the shortest journey and use the available motorways to offer maximum comfort on the trip.

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Prices includes fixed fares, taxes & gratuity with no hidden costs. You will receive confirmation of your booking via email confirming your trip details. How To Get From Tivat Airport To Budva Best Way – You can go by bus, taxi and private transfer from Tivat to Budva. Exclusive transportation to your destination with a professional driver with knowledge of English who will meet you with your name written on a sign. This type of vehicle is suitable for transfers in private where you will not have to share a vehicle with other passengers. For more destinations that we operate from Budva or in Tivat area, you can also check the Instant Quote on Tivat Airport transfers page.

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If you are traveling with a large family (5 people or more), it is still better to book a taxi in Montenegro in advance, so you will be sure that the car of the right size will come to you. By the way, do not forget to indicate how many children there will be so that drivers will prepare child seats. The bus schedule isn’t stable because there are many transporters in the country and they can change their paths and time of departure. The last stop in Budva is local bus station, which is situated in the central part of resort and indicated as «Autobuska Stanica».

It is located on the coast of Montenegro, so even on the runway you can see a small part of the sea, and, of course, incredible mountain scenery. Even experienced pilots single out the landing at the Tivat airport as the most beautiful and bewitching. Always onetime always clean vehicles and the drivers are always polite and professional.

In addition, if your flight is delayed, you will not be charged an additional fee for demurrage. Of the eight bids received for the tender, the three cheapest ones were given by Chinese companies. Sveti Nikola Island is located opposite of Old Town, 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) across the Budva bay.

Vieste Airport (VIF)

Mogren beach is arguably the best known and most attractive of the Budva city beaches, nested beneath the cliffs of the Spas hill, between cape Mogren and the Avala hotel. The beach is separated from the city by the slopes of Spas hill that plunge to the sea, and is only accessible by a 250m long narrow path along the cliffs. Private transfer to and from airports and resorts with cars, minivans or minibuses of a higher category, Mercedes E-class, BMW 5-series, Audi A6, Mercedes Viano or Sprinter, for a maximum of 8 people.

Everything You Need To Know About Budva – Outlook India

Everything You Need To Know About Budva.

Posted: Tue, 09 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Of course, it is much more convenient to get to Tivat by taxi than by bus. I almost always use EcoTaxi services, they even have executive class cars. You can also walk to the Tivat bus station, which is located a kilometer from the airport – from there buses leave to most resorts in Montenegro.

For rent, a driver’s license and two years of experience are needed. No matter, what country you are from, they will take your license. International Driving Permit is desirable but not necessary. There is only one planed bus ride a day from Tivat airport at 7 am.

Keep in mind that the schedule of public transport, as well as intercity buses, is purely advisory in Montenegro. Therefore, we advise you to buy all tickets on the spot, and not online, because there were cases when flights were simply canceled or they were delayed due to huge traffic jams. If you don’t want to stay at the road, you can get to the bus station on foot, it is situated in few minutes. To do this you should get to highway and turn to Tivat and walk direct about 100 m. The bus stop is look like two yellow “mushrooms”, there are buses that go to Budva, but you should ask driver beforehand. If you don’t want to get from Tivat Airport by public transport, then book a private transfer to Budva – you won’t have to run around looking for a car, waste time waiting for the right transport at the airport.

The prices quoted on this page are fixed and fully incisive. Book your private transfer from https://taxi-travel.me/ and save up to 40% compared to a local metered taxi. Book your private taxi transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport (TIV) on-line.

Tivat is located in the central part of the Bay of Kotor, south of mount Vrmac. The municipality lies mostly south of the town, and has an exit to open sea at the tourist location Pržno inlet near Radovići village to the south. Its central part, where Tivat Airport is located, lies in fertile Grbalj valley.

The sea-facing 160m long ramparts of the citadel, complete with eastern and western towers, are intricately connected to the rest of the city walls. Austrian stone barracks form the most prominent structure within the castle, separating the citadel from the rest of the walled city. Ruins of the Santa Maria de Castello church, after which the entire complex was originally named, are located within the citadel. Budva is a Montenegrin town on the Adriatic Sea, it has around 37,000 inhabitants, and it is the centre of Budva Municipality.

How to get from Tivat airport to city center

This is especially true for the famous Sveti Stefan town, but also for other smaller Paštrovići settlements in the area, that once were unassuming fishing villages. The area of Sveti Stefan and Pržno, including Miločer resort with its park and secluded beaches, is considered the most exclusive area of the Montenegrin coast. The town citadel is situated on the southern tip of the city. Originally known as Castle of St Mary, fortification was continually rebuilt and expanded through Middle Ages, reaching its final form during the Austro-Hungarian rule.

Heading back to Budva ?

Drivers in their cars always want to make money with inexperienced tourists, so they inflate prices by 2 or even 3 times. And instead of 5-10 euros, you can pay 20 or even more (depending on how they have the nerve). Of course, you can bargain and they will reluctantly bring down the price for you. But nevertheless, it will still be higher than in official services. Comfortable, direct and clear bus service between the airport and Budva no. The only way to get off the bus is through an intricate sequence of actions.

You can easily ask to drive the car directly to the airport at the time of arrival and go to rest in comfort. With a suitcase and in the heat it about an hour and a half to two ways… Lugging suitcases in the open sun, then waiting for the bus and losing valuable vacation time on this is clearly not worth it. The fastest way to get to Будва will be with a pre-booked taxi or minibus waiting to whisk you off on arrival. The day of your trip, your transport will be waiting for you for a simple, stress-free journey to your destination.

Arriving at Tivat airport, every tourist, especially those who travel on their own, should know how to get from the airport to the city center, as well as to other resorts in Montenegro. Here you will find detailed and up-to-date information about all the ways how to do it as budget-friendly, profitable, and comfortable as possible. You will also learn how to get from Tivat airport to Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Becici, Petrovac, and other resorts of Montenegro.

Alternatively, you can use public transport – buses, but departure time can be far and between, and the buses are rarely direct. You can either bargain with the locals at the exit (you can especially bring down the price if budva to tivat airport you speak Serbian with them), or pre-order a car through the Tivat taxi service. On average, the fare in Montenegro is cents / km and the landing is € 1.2-2, that is, even a trip to Bar will cost you no more than 60 euros.

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Our trusted partners will make sure your taxi ride goes exactly as planned. To book your transfer from Tivat Airport, select one of our available transfer vehicles. If you are not going from Budva to Tivat Airport, we offer transfers in Tivat area from and to any destination. On this page you can find prices for the transfer from Budva to Tivat Airport and you can easily book on line, ensuring lowest fare and availability.

A professional driver with knowledge of English will greet you at the desired location. Rinas Airport is located approximately 75.19 miles / 121 kilometers Southeast (SE) of central Budva. Ivangrad Airport is located approximately 64 miles / 103 kilometers Northeast (NE) of central Budva. Zabljak Airport is located approximately 60.27 miles / 97 kilometers North-Northeast (NNE) of central Budva. Dubrovnik Airport is located approximately 34.18 miles / 55 kilometers West-Northwest (WNW) of central Budva.

Ticket prices can differ significantly depending on the destination and the carrier company. For maximum comfort, as well as for those who plan to explore not only the beaches of Montenegro, it is best to rent a car at Tivat airport. And it is best to do this in advance, so as not to find a situation where there are no free cars.

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