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Confirmation of reservation through this service implies confirmation of the price for the requested transfer from Airport Podgorica to any destination . The price of transport to any destination is fixed and depends on the distance from Podgorica Airport to that place. After you book Taxi Montenegro from Podgorica Airport via Viber or WhatsApp, you will get a confirmation via message, including the price. Our Taxi price is fixed, so you will have no dilemma which amount you pay to the driver upon arrival. We’ve introduced a metric indicating how safe travellers feel when using our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. After every ride, we ask each traveller to leave a review.

The distance between Podgorica Airport and Tirana is approximately 165 kilometers, meaning you can reach your destination in Tirana in approximately 3hr 1min. Our trusted partners will make sure your taxi ride goes exactly as planned. To book your transfer from Podgorica Airport, select one of our available transfer vehicles. You can order a car suitable for you in any transport company, and the booked car will be waiting for you at the right place.

However, we’ll try to find an available vehicle for you even if you make your booking later. Choose the suitable transfer class and click “Book” to proceed to the booking. The climate in Montenegro’s capital city of Podgorica boasts a humid subtropical climate with lots of rainfall. There is only one summer month in Podgorica that receives less than 1.6 inches of precipitation. Temperatures in the summertime reach around 86 F with lows in the wintertime dropping to 50 F.

There is no direct airport shuttle bus from or to the airport. However, there is a railway station located 10 min walk from the airport and it is the cheapest way of reaching the city center. More than 70 professionals is at your service 24 hours a day.

Whether you are visiting your destination for a getaway or to do business, we have a vehicle that suits your budget. More importantly, our drivers will ensure you reach your destination on time and with as little hassle as possible. We strive to take the stress out of travelling to and from the airport, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday or prepare for your business meetings. TaxiMatcher offers you low-priced, fast, safe and enjoyable transportation to/from the airport of Podgorica.

This is completely safe and risk free, same as the typical online bank transfer you use when paying something online. Taking the train is definitely the cost-savvy travel alternative, as a one-way ticket only costs €1.20. You can check the cost of transfer from Podgorica airport to Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Ulcinj and other cities on this website.

In our association all types of transportation from Podgorica Montenegro in economy class done exclusively with the vehicles Mercedes E Class and Volkswagen Passat or Touran. We think that these vehicles meet all the standards in terms of safety, comfort and size of the trunk. If you are traveling with a larger amount of baggage that exceeds the standards, please inform us in advance, so that we booked a van vehicle for your transportation from Podgorica Airport. All vehicles are relatively new, in perfect condition, well maintained at authorized service partners, and each of them has a double digital air conditioning.

The Aerodrom stop is essentially on the outskirts of the village, there is no ticket office. And again direct bus from Podgorica airport to resorts no. The car will help you save on transfers and see the country without being tied to transport and excursions. The road from the capital of Montenegro to the main resort town this country passes through beautiful places and is quite winding, although not as winding as the road along the coast of the Bay of Kotor. At TaxiMatcher, you can also book transport to Podgorica Airport / Podgorica Golubovci Airbase from a theatre, museum, concert or other tourist departure point.

Airport bus Podgorica

Petty theft and certain scams do exist, but no different to any other major city. Practice safe street smarts when out exploring and keep your valuables close when in crowded areas. Don’t wander into unlit areas at night, stick to the crowded streets, and take a taxi from your destination back to your hotel to stay safe. Taxis are the best option to get around Podgorica, they are cheap, reliable and found in abundance throughout the city. There are taxi stands found virtually everywhere, a basic fare is 0.40€ per 0.62 miles, no journey within the city should cost you more than €3-4.

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You can order a suitable car for you in any transport company and the booked car will be waiting for you at the right place. Typically, the cost of a transfer is slightly higher than the cost of a taxi. If you order a more spacious car, the cost of the transfer may increase significantly.

How far is the bus stops from Pg taxi in Podgorica?

Tipping your driver in Montenegro is not mandatory, although it is always appreciated. Most travellers round up their end fare to the higher amount. Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital city and university taxi aerodrom podgorica town, is the nation’s cultural, educational and economic hub. The capital boasts a rich history, delicious food and wine, and is close to many incredible nature spots, ready to be explored.

Only if you travel by bus, you will need to get to Budva, and then change to another bus. If you are planning to get from Podgorica airport to Rafailovici, it is better to use a taxi, since when traveling by bus you will have to make two changes, which is not very convenient. On my first visit to CG I relaxed and forgot that there was a flight early tomorrow morning. We did not have time to order taxis on the Internet, they asked around Budva taxi drivers – 50€
. In Budva, the bus arrives at the bus station, which is located away from the beaches. You will need to walk another 1-3 km to your accommodation if you live near the sea, or take a taxi around the city ( 2€
landing + 1€
for 1 km).

Our taxi and airport shuttle partners offer a wide range of vehicles, from sedans and limousines for business and leisure travellers to minibuses and bus for larger groups. Whether you are travelling on business or holidays, we provide a convenient and affordable airport transfer from Podgorica Airport to get your trip started right. You can also book a taxi to Podgorica Airport when travelling home or to your next destination. When you fill in the booking form, don’t forget to fill in the number of persons who will drive with the holiday taxi and the number of suitcases that you’ll take with you. Besides that, you can let us know where and when you want to be picked up and where you want to go to.

You can get to other resorts in Montenegro according to the same principle as to the places listed above. See the schedule of trains, buses, compare with taxi prices and make your routes. In Podgorica, you need to walk from the railway station to the bus station (they are nearby) and buy a bus ticket to Budva ( 5€
). The railway station “Aerodrom” is located 1.3 km from the airport.

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It was carried out on the expansion and reconstruction of the A-gate and C-gate departure and transit areas. As a result, an extra 2,750 square metres (29,600 sq ft) was added. The airport stagnated during the 1990s after the outbreak of the Yugoslav wars and the United Nations sanctions imposed on the Serbia and Montenegro.

Airport transfers

If you want to choose this option, but you don’t have your own car, you can rent it. When you reach the airport, you will find only one baggage drop-off area that is shared. The counter for your flight opens two hours prior to the flight and is clearly marked.

Taxi from Podgorica is the most convenient mode of transport. If you are new here, Podgorica travel guide can help you, and you can see here more about Montenegro. Airport Podgorica taxi service – book online your taxi by simple contact form on the right side. You will get the cheapest possible price for your transportation from Podgorica airport, and most importantly, regular, licensed taxi.

How to book Taxi from Airport Podgorica

You can get to the most popular seaside resort in Montenegro by bus, but you have to make one change. First, you need to take a taxi or L20 bus from Podgorica airport to the main bus station, which is located next to railway station… A bus to Budva departs from here approximately every minutes. That is, the entire trip from Podgorica airport to Budva can cost you 8 euros per person.

Of course, the experienced taxi drivers affiliated with TaxiMatcher will help you with your luggage. Choose TaxiMatcher when you need a safe, fast and enjoyable transfer service to and from Podgorica Airport / Podgorica Golubovci Airbase. The main train station is located near the city center and there are taxis available outside the station to reach your hotel.

Airport in Dojno Polje (New Belgrade)

The station is located just a 10-minute walk from the city center. Typically, the cost of a taxi ride on this route is 50 euros. Of course, the price may seem high, but do not forget that you will cover a distance of 63 km. If there are three or four of you, then you will have to pay euros for the bus.

Only one hour before boarding you’re allowed to go to passport control which is followed by a quick security check. A hassle-free airport that still carries the airport TGD – as the city of Podgorica was named Titograd until 1992 to honor Josip Broz Tito, the former president of Yugoslavia. The cheapest way from Podgorica airport to city center is by bus. If you want to get the bus at Podgorica airport you will have to walk 2 kilometers outside the airport (check the exact location in Google Maps).

So in this case it is worth considering taking a taxi to Budva. If you are going to get to Budva from Podgorica airport with such a company, then the option with a taxi becomes even more preferable, since the total cost of tickets increases to euros. Do not forget that the bus from the airport to the Podgorica bus station runs quite rarely.

The site is mountainous, so even the fastest drivers reach at least minutes. The path runs through the Sozina tunnel, or through the small town of Cetinje. The road is quite difficult, so tourists are not recommended to use the services of a rental car. After the flight, a tired person may lose vigilance on a difficult section of the road.

So when travelling to the exciting city, you will be landing at Podgorica International Airport, and to get to the city centre, you have two transportation options; you can take a taxi or a train. Taking a taxi or a private transfer is always the best travel option as they provide easy and reliable 24/7 transport, taking 20 minutes to reach your Podgorica hotel in total comfort. Alternatively, for those on a budget, you can opt for the train, which is a short walk from the airport but takes 7 minutes to get to Downtown Podgorica. The airport taxi transfers that relate to Taxi2Airport are carefully screened.

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