Top 7 Blockchain App Development Ideas to Boost up Business

The startup aims to “aggressively tackle the counterfeiting of luxury goods”. A “Liberland” clone that uses blockchain to create a nation for bitcoin miners. A ‘blockchain for music’, providing a tool for musicians and music lovers to build social networks, share music, and get paid for their work.

  • If not managed well, users can drain their deposit on the very first day.
  • Businesses based on such virtual worlds are set to make a fortune with time.
  • All these details are high-level information on the main locations such as collection centers and airport transport.
  • Therefore, many blockchain application ideas have been designed in order to help companies all around the world.
  • A decentralized prediction market, looking to use the power of the blockchain to bring more transparency to public wagers.

Furthermore, it will play an essential role in tracking the orders and ensuring easy cross- border financial transactions. A mobile application where users can save money, lend and borrow to/from fellow application users, find people to trade with, create groups and manage their motshelo accounts . It’s among the most widely known digital wallets which allow people blockchain technology trends to make seamless transactions across the globe. Millions of users prefer PayPal because they are sure their data is fully protected, and they can make any payment in only a couple of clicks. Typically, a fintech banking app grants users digital access to operations like closing and opening accounts, deposits, making online transactions, ordering credit cards, etc.

A blockchain-based trading platform for digital currencies.

This company is building a platform to allow users to buy and sell their “real-estate” on the blockchain. A blockchain-based protocol that allows the exchange of medical data, and allows for the creation of a “decentralized healthcare marketplace”. A Blockchain-based application would help to streamline the medical records storage and make everything transparent. Among various industries, the transportation industry is the biggest industry and many times it requires, order tracking, administrative efficiency, dispute resolution.

blockchain app ideas

By 2023, the global market for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is expected to reach $231.0 million, representing a growth rate of 63% over the next six years. There are platforms that provide crypto lending services to those who are looking to lend crypto for their financial needs or to make profits from it. You can join any of these platforms to start lending crypto and earn interest on it. Even if you do not have any development experience yourself, you can always hire blockchain developers to provide blockchain services to those who need them. An NFT or non-fungible token is a type of blockchain token that is used to represent unique, non-fungible digital assets.

Idea #16: Customer Loyalty Blockchain:

Crypto wallet apps are another one of the best ideas from the blockchain company. Wallets create a secure space for investors to manage their cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. Many cryptocurrency users want to use digital money for their daily purchases. Which qualifies e-commerce stores and apps as another example of blockchain business. It is the second most famous blockchain business idea after cryptocurrency.

blockchain app ideas

The encrypted biometric security system makes it secure to vote on a mobile device from anywhere in the world without fear of hacking or data corruption. West Virginia is one of the first states to use Voatz to collect votes from eligible service people and travelers abroad during elections. Kaleido boasts blockchain-based solutions for running and deploying ledgers across several industries, one being government. The company’s services can be utilized for risk reduction and auditing, overall streamlining operations in the sectors of public health, education, customs and payment. Kaleido’s solutions have been used by organizations like the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics Apps

With the usage of blockchain technology, the Numbers Protocol app secures your pictures. It is mainly a blockchain camera app providing authenticity to the media content. This technology can be used by anyone looking to protect any images that are shared online and offer proof of ownership.

Furthermore, there are various blockchain experts available on the market. Although the number may appear small in comparison to other apps, the Blockchain Applications Ideas trend is quickly catching up. From time to time, improvise your products to adapt to the current trends. To improve your product, ask for input ideas and suggestions from your current users. Their feedback will be essential in creating a more user-friendly app. People actively invest in digital assets because they value decentralization and the absence of uniform regulation.

Make Legal Smart-Contracts

Supply chain industry can use sensors to get accurate data on location and condition of the supplies. Blockchain can also help healthcare providers to store and encode the patients’ data and deliver better treatments. Blockchain and smart contracts technology can help to protect the rights and ownership for the music industry. Blockchain can also facilitate better record-keeping for birth and death certification for the citizens of a country. One should brainstorm the best Blockchain app development ideas for 2020 and look for ways to improve the business.

blockchain app ideas

The government or any system which requires submission of documents can access them from the Blockchain with the required permissions from the user. Implementation of this system would help in providing help to needy people and will ensure transparency in the transactions. The community can access their data from the Blockchain and would be able to help them directly and safely. The banks can access KYC data from the Blockchain directly removing intermediaries.

Track Shipments in Real-Time

In fact, according to a study, the market for Blockchain in transportation and logistics will grow from $77 million in 2018 to $3.1 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 80.76%. That’s why it is no surprise that many businesses are exploring Blockchain technology in this industry. These apps offer a secure and convenient way to manage digital identities. They are also transparent and immutable, which makes them trustworthy for users. Some examples of digital identity-based Blockchain apps are Civic, uPort, and Bitnation.

Advantages of using Digital Identity in Blockchain:

A company that is building a platform for building apps for blockchain. The company is building a platform that allows developers to create apps on the blockchain, and they’re also building a platform for clients to sell their apps on the blockchain. A company that’s building a blockchain-based alternative to the healthcare industry’s online health records. A blockchain startup wants to help cities save money by creating a digital platform that tracks road maintenance and maintenance demand. Based in New York, this startup uses blockchain to secure a direct bond between two people who want to be financial partners.

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